Personal Training For Busy South Orange County Moms

Personal Training for Busy Orange County Moms Who Want Results – FAST:

As a woman and mother, you have specific and unique needs in your training program. You have 3 program options. When choosing your program, remember that it takes, on average, 3 months to form a new empowering habit. We are working to make a positive lifestyle change. And, we are working towards quick, and also lasting results.


First choose your frequency. Then choose your program-


Your Options:

1 session per week, 2 sessions per week or 3 sessions per week.


Metabolism Ignite – Perfect for the mom that has let the cares of family life get in the way of health and fitness goals. Let’s start the fire of your metabolism. We start with body weight and functional movements. You will start to feel the differences within 2 weeks. Several inches will start to melt away inside 8 weeks.


Balance/Core/Tone – In this program, our focus is on the core of the body. Through pregnancy, every woman sustains damage to the core muscles. Even if the weight is gone, the muscle has to be retrained. And it can be. But it has to be done with care and specificity. I will help you regain core strength and then some. You will start to feel and see the sculpting process through this program. And it will impact every aspect of your life.


Strong Mama – Resistance Training that will build an athletic body. You will be empowered to see what your body can do. And you will become the strongest version of yourself in this program. Most challenging and rewarding work – you will be amazed with yourself!


The frequency is up to you. But remember, the results will be commensurate with the work. The work is fun, the time flies, the reward is worth the sacrifice! I have been there – I get it! I will never ask you to do something I have not done myself. Trust me, let’s work together, and enjoy this journey to your best self!


Your investment is just $80 per session.
Your commitment is a minimum of 3 months.
And programs are billed via on a monthly cycle via PayPal.


Your Investment in yourself:

Click the link below for the program you want.
This is a monthly billing cycle.  Your credit/debit card (or PayPal account) will be debited for this amount each month until you request it to stop with email request.

1 session per week = $320/month

2 sessions per week = $640/month

3 sessions per week = $960/month

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