Customized, Fun and Easy-to-Follow Nutrition Coaching

You will enjoy a fun, educational and effective nutrition system.

We will get you 100% on-track and “optimized” in just 30 days.

We start with an honest nutrition assessment of your life-style and eating habits. We will discuss your family meals as well. This is done over Skype video (or other video conferencing options).


We’ll get to know each other and I will share with you my secrets for success optimizing your daily habits, as well as those of your children.


Next, we will meet at your home for a Refrigerator Rampage and Pantry Raid. This is often where the truth comes out. It’s light-hearted and fun.

We’ll go through it all, clear out the bad and prepare to bring in the healthy new life style. That’s when we are ready for our meal plan and grocery shopping.

Together, we will create your meal plan that will be well-received by your entire family. I will give you breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack options that will propel you to success. Your personal meals will be structured and measured for your specific needs.


Next, we get to go shopping! The best day for this is a Sunday so that meal prep for the week can take place. We also want to visit the local farmer’s market in Laguna Niguel, in making the preparations. You will have a manageable plan for the week. Success is all about the preparation! This is a blast!


With each week throughout the month, you will see changes in your mindset and habits. We are creating a new lifestyle. This is a strong foundation that we will build on.

Our fourth and last meeting is a recap and time for optimization. It can be in-person or via Skype. You are well into your new lifestyle. And you are given a second meal plan, with new options and revisions, if necessary.


Your investment is just $600 for everything listed above.

Additionally, you have an option for a second month at just $450. This will include 2 more meetings and 2 more meal plans. These meetings are in the form of 75-minute cooking classes where we prepare healthy and delicious meals for the family.


It’s Time!


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Nutrition and Diet Coaching for Busy Women in Aliso Viejo, Newport Coast, Laguna Niguel, Laguna Hills, CA

Imagine learning how to make beautiful, healthy a delicious meals like this!

At first look, this may seem like it is challenging.  It’s not!  In your kitchen, I’ll show you exactly how to make it a reality!