My name is Avi Greene. I am a mother of 3 amazing children – Micah 13, Eden 11, Israel 9. After the birth of my 3rd child, I began to take a renewed interest in fitness and health. But, this was not without a struggle…

After Israel was born, I didn’t drop the baby weight as I had before – I was frustrated. Now, with 3 little ones, I felt pretty overwhelmed. Happy as a mother – though stretched physically, emotionally and mentally. My own health took a back seat to the needs of my family. I’m guessing you have felt the same way at times.

After 2 years, I decided, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Not only did I join the gym, but I got a personal trainer to ensure I was doing it right and shortcutting my path to my goal. Although I had a strong desire to lose the weight, gain confidence, renew my strength, and just rediscover “Avi,” I did not know how to go about doing it. Also, I was scared that on my own, I would give up if it became difficult.

My first trainer, was an inspiration to me.  She was fit, strong and also a mom. As we worked together, I started to see my progress.

The first change I experienced was that I was walking taller. Next, I started to feel stronger. I did not lose weight right away. In fact, I lost inches before I lost weight. That’s because I was losing fat and gaining muscle (I was getting firmer and stronger). Finally, after 3 months of consistent training with my trainer 3 x per week, I started to lose weight consistently. By 6 months, I had dropped 30 pounds!

Even better, I had gained a new love (and appreciation) for my new body! I can clearly remember the first time a sign of definition in my abs emerged. I was so excited. I had gained confidence. I noticed I had so much more energy for my children. I started roller skating my 2 younger children to school in the stroller- 1 toddler and 1 kindergartener. That was a workout, and I loved it!!

Over time, I also gained something else – a strong desire to help other moms who had put themselves last on their own list. My trainer had planted the seed when she saw my drive & determination in our sessions. She knew I could inspire others. And, by that time, I knew I had to be an inspiration to my fellow mamas.


That was 6 years ago. I wasted no time. I put in the work, studied and got certified as a personal trainer. Since then, I have been truly enriched by working with hundreds of people – men, women, children, teens, seniors, special needs people. Now, my #1 passion and focus is to serve moms.

A huge piece of overall wellness is nutrition. This is something I realized from the start of my journey. While writing meal plans and encouraging my clients to make healthy changes was always part of my service, a few years ago, I started offering meal prep as a service to my clients. I had discovered all the ways to cut out unhealthy foods and eating habits in my life. This piece of the health and fitness puzzle confounded my clients, no matter how committed they were to their workout program.

I have been cooking (a lot) for over 30 years. It’s truly been a passion of mine throughout my life. For the past 2 years, I have merged two of my greatest passions in life to help my clients to become the healthiest, happiest, strongest versions of themselves. It is a great joy to me and I am excited to share my gifts with you!!



  • Certified NESTA Personal Fitness Trainer
  • Certified Spencer Institute Personal Fitness Chef
  • Crossfit Level 1 Certified
  • NCSF Certified Personal Trainer
    • Certified NESTA Fitness Nutrition Coach
    • Certified Spencer Institute Sleep Science Coach