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I grew up in the kitchen. I started cooking at age 10. As the oldest of 6, with nurture in my nature, this is how I care for people.

After having my 3rd child, I realized a need to change my style of cooking to lose weight. I became a fitness enthusiast and next, a Certified Personal Trainer. Over the last 6 years, I have refined my skills in healthy, and delicious cooking.

I know from experience, through fitness and healthful food, you can feel /look your best.

My hot meals include 3.5 ounces of protein, and 10+ ounces hearty vegetable serving, often in some homemade, deeply seasoned sauce.

All proteins are organic. That is, with the exception of my salmon dishes. I buy “certified, responsibly raised Salmon” from Whole Foods. Raised with no hormones, less mercury than wild, no color added, raised in the ocean, more sustainable than wild, and in my opinion, tastes better than wild.

The fresh vegetables are mainly from the farmers’ markets. I buy organic when it’s available. So, 85% of the produce is organic. There are no less than 4 different places I will shop for the best quality ingredients.

My deeply seasoned sauces are made with a base of bone broth. My homemade bone broth is a 12-hour broth made with organic chicken bones and veggies. This boosts the flavor, while adding health benefits. It is scientifically proven to help digestive process, gut function, and repair the lining of the intestines. Many people have damaged the lining of the intestines and gut with the consumption of so-called “healthy grains”, pushed on us by massive farms growing the top 3 crops in this country- wheat, soy, and corn. “Leaky gut” can be healed with a clean diet.

Your meals are cooked in my kitchen, following guidelines from California Healthy Safety Code. I also have my “Food Handlers Permit”. And equally, if not more, important, I cook for my clients as though they are part of my family. My food is cooked with love and care. I am a “Certified Fitness Chef” through Spencer Institute and a “Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach” through NESTA.

Everything is GLUTEN FREE, AND NON-DAIRY. There are 2 dishes (out of 25) that will contain a small amount of cream (1) or feta sheeps’ milk cheese (1). The grains are smaller than “serving size” and are mixed with vegetables. They are also always organic.

My menu changes every week for 5 weeks. You will never eat the same meal in 5 weeks. You will receive the menu by Friday and place your order no later than Sunday. I will cook it all Monday morning. The food can be frozen in containers, but it is meant to be eaten fresh. Delivery happens Monday evening and the food should be eaten by Friday. The flavors are often ethnic and well spiced. Also, many children (including my own) love the food. The calorie value is in the range of 375-450 cal.



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RETURNING CUSTOMERS: This is my new payment method. Since your information is already in the database, simply choose your number of meals and email me your food choices.

NEW CUSTOMERS:  Welcome! Choose your number of meals, and email me your food choices.  If you need to speak to me prior, call or text. 949-547-5905

Meal Prep for 1 Week (6 Meals) $96

Meal Prep for 1 Week (8 Meals) $128

Meal Prep for 1 Week (10 Meals) $160

Meal Prep for 1 Week (12 Meals) $192




Meal Prep and Personal Chef Services for Busy Moms in Aliso Viejo, Newport Coast, Laguna Niguel, Laguna Hills, CA

Yes, The Meals I Bring You Will Look Like This!

You will have a wide range of delicious meal options when you hire me as your meal prep chef.  Here are some pictures of some recent recipes served up for my clients.  Now, it’s your turn!

Finally, Eating Healthy Food is Simple, Fast and Affordable! Get Started Right Now!

To the left is my famous Bone Broth Soup with Asian Flavors and Fresh, Organic Farmer’s Market Veggies. Bone Broth is gut-healing, but it doens’t have to be plain. Enjoy my 12-hour bone broth every week in a new setting. Nutrient rich and it tastes delicious.


You will Save AT LEAST 2 HOURS every day when you enjoy my food prep service.

To the left is my very popular Local Vegetable Salad. Every week, I create a new and interesting salad from whatever is in season and local at our farmer’s market. The salad is delicious, crunchy and has all the elements of a great salad. In each bite, you will taste each of the hand-selected ingredients. In addition, my homemade dressings are a punch of flavor with less sugar than store-bought options.

Imagine... Healthy, Delicious and Nutritious Meals Delivered To You and Your Family So You Can Enjoy Your Time Doing What You Love Instead

To the left you will see my signature dish MacNut Pesto Pasta. This pesto is made with fresh herbs and nuts – no cheese. When you feel the craving for pasta, order this dish. You will get your fix with my spiraled zucchini and organic quinoa and brown rice pasta. Lower calories than your typical pesto pasta, and you will be totally satisfied.

It's time for you to get serious about your health, saving time each day and enjoying tasty meals with your family!

On the left, Collard Green Tacos. If you have never tried using collard greens as a wrap, you’ve got to try my healthy answer to Taco Tuesday! You won’t miss the tortilla, or the extra calories and carbs. Organic Roasted Chicken, Avocado and a variety of other toppings to keep your palate excited as you thoroughly enjoy your new healthy lifestyle!